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Established in 2012, DroneScope has been providing a host of clients with aerial film, photography and drone inspection services. From film & TV work to property marketing with estate agents, our CAA certified pilots have been at the forefront of (UAV) drone technology. With multiple crews based in London, Cornwall & Bristol our teams work fully insured across the UK & worldwide.

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Drone technology

Professional Drone Services 

Our highly trained & talented teams strive to get the perfect shot. Years of experience in drone piloting and camera expertise ensures all of our operations push the boundaries to achieve new dynamic drone filming and drone photography possibilities, whilst maintaining a high level of safety. We offer a combination of stunning 4K aerial filming and breathtaking aerial photography for a variety of different projects, the DroneScope crew offer a unique service that is bespoke to your specification.

A list of past clients

Drone Photography
Services UK

Drone photography has opened up a host of new applications, from mapping, site progress & development to property & business marketing, we’ve got it covered.

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Close Proximity Aerial Filming

We provide rock-solid aerial filming for business marketing, sports & events, film & Tv and much more. Ultra smooth 4k film is an essential asset to any video production.

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Drone Inspection
& Surveys

Our UAV’s are capable of viewing difficult to reach locations that can be considered  expensive, dangerous, or even impossible to approach by manned inspection teams.

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