The Leading UK Drone Company

DroneScope is a UK business with operators based in London, Bristol & Cornwall. We specialise in drone technology alongside the latest professional camera equipment to bring you stunning aerial film and photography at a price that makes economic sense to you and your production.  A variety of high quality photographic and video packages are available to 

clients seeking professional aerial media solutions that are adaptable and suitable for a variety of applications. Our dedicated teams and eco-friendly drones can shoot from the ground up to an altitude of over 400ft, providing magnificent aerial coverage. All projects from the flight to post production are tailored to fit your individual requirements.


Crew Statement

“We have the passion and drive to provide high quality aerial and ground based productions at a cost that makes economic sense. With state of the art technology and over 30+ years combined experience in the field, we ensure every operation is completed to the highest standard whilst complying with and reducing health and safety risks.


UAV Technology

Our aerial systems are carefully selected to combine performance & functionality. All of our machines are regularly inspected & maintained to ensure operations are reliable & safe.

The latest most advanced flight controller yet. Packed full of features whilst maintaining reliability and stability in harsh conditions. The A2 delivers on all fronts.
The worlds smoothest gimbals paired with quality cameras such as the GH4 & A7R provides unparalleled aerial video and photography in crystal clear HD video downlinks.


Drone Safety

Safety is an important aspect of all our operations and one that is taken very seriously by the DroneScope crew. Every operation is assessed and evaluated with great detail. If our crew do not feel that the operation is safe, we maintain the right to postpone the service until a later date or until the problem(s) are rectified.

FAILSAFE: Our UAS has built in failsafe procedures to ensure that the system is as safe as possible during operation. These procedures include a return home function which directs the UAS back to the takeoff location during signal interference and transmitter failure. The system will also land itself if the battery pack discharges to a certain value. The return home function can be activated at the crews command in case of emergency.

  • For every operation our crew will:

    • Provide detailed site survey’s.
    • Request airspace (if required).
    • Conduct risk assesments.
    • Check airspace & NOTAM.
    • Ensure relevant permissions have been obtained.
    • Monitor Weather forecast.
    • Provide pre flight checklists.
    • Only fly when satisfied that it is safe to do so.
    • Ensure all requirements have been achieved.


Client Requirements

    What we’ll need from you:

  • Project Location – DroneScope will need the relevant Postcode or longitude and latitude to conduct a pre-site survey before the service can be undertaken.
  • Project Timing & Deadlines – As all our services are completely weather dependant it is important to ensure we are fully aware of deadlines as well as times that are appropriate for us to conduct our service.
  • Landowners Permission – Landowners and/or relevant authorites permission to ensure all personnel involved are fully informed during all aspects of the project.
  • Service You Require – What service do you require? DroneScope will need a brief explanation of the application at hand as well as your desired specification.
  • Additional Services – Allow DroneScope to aid in the post production of your media, we can effectively enhance video and photography quality as well as construct professional HD videos.



With answers!
  • How far does it go?
    The Civil Aviation Authority demand that for visual line of site operations the system must be flown within a 1km circular radius with a 400ft ceiling. This does not however limit us to this particular operation bubble, we can move with the UAS so that larger distances can be covered if required.
  • Can you fly over water?
    Yes, flying over water is our favourite.
  • What weather conditions can you operate in?
    Our systems are capable of flying in winds of up to 25mph but performs better in lower wind speeds. We do not fly in wet conditions and conditions which restrict visibility
  • Are you qualified and insured?
    Absolutely, We have full public liability insurance and hold the BNUC-S qualification, we keep hard copies with us when working.
  • Can you use other cameras?
    We have a wide range of cameras and lenses that we use. We have an adaptable gimbal which provides a large mounting platform suitable for a variety of different cameras up to Red, this would need to be signed off in advanced and subject to a charge.