Construction site in Brentford

How Drones Are Being Used In The Construction Industry

How Drones Are Used In The Construction Industry Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are increasingly being used in the construction industry for a variety of purposes, including: Surveying and mapping: Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and other sensors can be used to quickly and accurately survey construction sites, creating detailed 3D maps and models…

Construction Site Aerial Image

Construction Site Progress & Development – Aerial Photography

The use of aerial photography in the construction industry has mainly revolved around showcasing finished projects for external marketing purposes. Since the start of 2017 Dronescope has provided clients with repeatable drone based images that can be accurately compared over the duration of the project. The ability to provide the same framing week by week or month by month allows clients to evaluate the progress effectively, ensure deadlines are being met and investors have a visual method of tracking any progress.

Port Isaac Harbour- DroneScope offers commercial Aerial Photography & Videography for film and television in London, Bristol & Cornwall

On Set With Buffalo Pictures For Series 8 of Doc Martin

Back in 2017 we provided the aerial film for series 8 of the hit ITV comedy drama Doc Martin. After a brief meeting with the director & associate producer we ended up going with the Inspire 2 as our drone of choice. Although the director wanted to shoot on a full frame sensor the benefits of using the I2 & X5S combo far outweighed the drawbacks, bearing in mind this was pre X7 camera days where the micro 4/3 sensor was the only option. 

DJI Inspire 2 Drone & BMW I8'S - DroneScope offers Aerial Photography & Videography in London, Bristol & Cornwall

BMW i8 Event – Cornering the Cotswolds

BMW and JI Events Munich partnered up to produce an incredible Cotswolds experience for BMW i8 owners. The owners arrived from different corners of the globe for the weekend, kicking off at The Manor in Weston-on-Green. In the build up to the event, the DroneScope team came up with the concept for the event video and went about storyboarding for the clients approval. Once signed off we arranged permissions for flights along different legs of the journey from safe spots ensuring we had met the CAA dronecode.