Our Safe Indoor Drone Filming Service

With todays drone technology it isn’t hard to operate a system when there are minimal obstacles to avoid and a GPS system providing most, if not all of the stability. Operating within confined spaces competently raises a number of additional challenges & scenarios in which a new or inexperienced drone pilot might struggle to deal with confidently.

A drone ready to take off at Aintree

The Virtual Grand National 2017 – Drone Filming at Aintree Racecourse

Work that we shot back in April 2016, supplying aerial film of the Antrim racecourse for an exciting project has aired on ITV for the grand national race of champions. Working alongside Inspired Entertainment, the film we captured has been used to track 40 CGI horses and their riders through the entire race track consisting of Echer’s Brook, Valentine’s, The Canal Turn and all 30 jumps.

Housing and tower block

Drone Photography Roof Inspection – London

Drone filming and aerial photography used for building inspections in congested areas. Drone operations in London and other congested areas can be more difficult than rural locations. We are well versed in ticking the safety boxes for every job we do and take extra precautions whilst operating. Land owners permission and clearance distances from roads,…

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Aerial

Drone Photography and Aerial Filming Documenting Queen Elizabeth Olympic Stadium, London

We carried out extensive documentation and survey of the transition works and seating modules at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. Our drones were able to reach all the necessary hard to reach areas of the stadium. We utilised one of our smaller drones, DJI’s Phantom 4 for the flying in the tight areas and underneath the seating modules themselves. We also shot aerial images of the site and inside lifting the Sony A7r whilst still keeping the drone in the sub 7kg weight class for flying in congested areas. This is essential when flying in cities such as London to produce very high resolution aerial photography and stay on the right side of regulations.