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Now offering full RICS building inspection and reports utilising detailed aerial film & drone photography

The South West Dronescope crew had been tasked with providing an interpretive visual assessment of the layout and general condition of the Luxstowe House Cornwall Council offices. The inspection would make use of detailed 36mp photography using a Sony A7R combined with 4K video from a Panasonic GH4 to provide an extensive report written by our certified  RICS (Royal Institution Of Chartered Surveyors) building surveyor.

Dronescope now offers a premium aerial survey & inspection service in which extremely detailed aerial film & photography is combined with a certified chartered building surveyors report. Not only does this service include everything needed to effectively assess the condition of any building it provides clients with the piece of mind that the service is carried out by experienced professionals.

Drone inspection survey in Cornwall at Luxstowe House - DroneScope

With all inspection work we try to ensure that operations are conducted on cloudy days to ensure that shadows and highlights are kept to a minimum. Having been limited to operating on Saturdays and a relatively short deadline the inspection was undertaken on one of the clearest days we’ve had this year. The images taken were exceptionally dark in shadowed areas though all detail had been reclaimed in post processing as we always shoot in RAW format.

Aerial photograph taken from a Drone inspection survey in Cornwall at Luxstowe House - DroneScope

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