Drone Photograph of a Football Stadium by Dronescope

Drone Photography Services

We’re your one-stop shop for everything drone photography; we’ve worked with some of the biggest names producing high-quality content for various applications. We can lift everything to Phase One and Hasselblad systems with remote viewing on the ground. We’re well-versed in tricky congested areas like London and other cities.

Our aerial filming and drone aerial photography services are top-notch, ensuring stunning aerial photos and footage for your projects. Our skilled drone photographers and pilots handle all aspects of filming services, from risk assessments to method statements, ensuring a seamless operation.

All permissions are taken care of by us; we provide risk assessments and method statements for all operations. If you have a drone photography shoot and looking for experienced operators, get in touch.


We're well known for operating in congested areas and tricky spots, all whilst keeping to strict safety measures. Our enhanced permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) enable us to operate our fleet of aircraft a lot closer to the public when compared to most drone operators on the standard permissions. In fact, we're in the top 0.5% of drone operators in the UK flying under enhanced licenses with aircraft up to a total weight of 25kg.

Aerial drone photography for Hammersmith town council - DroneScope offers Aerial Photography & Videography in London, Bristol & CornwallCentral London Aerial Drone Photography by Dronescope


Whether it's working with photographers with a vision or directors from agencies, we've collaborated with some of the best, helping them bring their ideas to life. Our drone photography service includes the ability to fly custom payloads, allowing us to use specific camera and lens options with control and live view from the ground. This flexibility enhances our drone photography services, enabling us to capture stunning aerial images and video footage that meet the precise needs of our clients. Our experienced drone pilot ensures professional aerial services for every project.

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We can visit your site regularly to document construction phases from the air. Using drone photography, we hover at a desired height and fixed GPS position to capture consistent views of the project. This approach ensures high-quality images, large panoramic stitches, and 360-degree interactive aerial panoramas, ideal for showcasing property portfolios and construction projects. Our professional drone services cover drone surveys, site inspections, and a drone roof inspection, providing aerial imagery that enhances the visualization of each construction phase from ground level to roof surveys.

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