Drone Photography Roof Inspection – London

Drone filming and aerial photography used for building inspections in congested areas.

Drone operations in London and other congested areas can be more difficult than rural locations. We are well versed in ticking the safety boxes for every job we do and take extra precautions whilst operating. Land owners permission and clearance distances from roads, building or any other person or object not in our control are mandatory aspects to factor into our risk assessments and pre-site surveys before commencing aerial work.

This drone roof inspection in Central London was achieved by be securing land owners permission and notifying London Heathrow ATC before and after our flights. We operated our DJI Inspire2 keeping us in the desired sub 7kg weight category and kept our appropriate distances during take off/landing and whilst in flight enabling us to safely carry out the aerial photography work.

Utilising different lenses for this type of drone roof inspection in London helps greatly to delve into the areas of interest. For the image above we used the Olympus 45mm to really get into the hard to reach areas whilst still maintaining safe operating distances.

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