Estate Agents Utilising Drone Photography, Cornwall

Cornwall based estate agents utilise drone photography services for low altitude aerial images.

Providing drone based aerial film & photography services for estate agents across the UK, our usual requests are for shots that showcase properties in their setting & surrounding estate. These requests entail the operation of the drone at some height though a recent shoot we conducted near Feock, Cornwall needed something a little closer to the ground.

The image below was taken at an exceptionally low altitude of around 8m and tight within the boundary tree line. The use of the drone allowed us to gain that extra bit of height needed to avoid the plants below and provide the impact the head height shots were lacking.

The photograph below has been seamlessly stitched together from 4 images allowing us to capture the entire property within close proximity. This technique is exceptionally useful when your selection of lens options aren’t wide enough and/or you wish to avoid a lens that would introduce distortion.

As can be seen in the final image the required angle needed to be taken directly above a pool which would have been impossible without the use of our aerial photography system. Though high and wide shots are exceptionally nice in property photography they aren’t always feasible in woodland areas.

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