We first jumped into the world of FPV in 2015, and since then, we have been building and flying custom systems and keeping up with the fast-paced technological advances within the world of FPV. We are FPV (First Person View) drone filming specialists and have over 20 different custom systems for various applications.

From sub 250g FPV drones with lenient rules when flying closer to the public, Cinewhoops for proximity flying to talent, fast-paced racers for crazy acrobatics and the Cinelifter class, capable of flying full-size cameras such as the Black Magic Pocket Cameras, FX6’s and RED Komodo’s.

Check out our FPV Drone Light, which can be flown precisely through tight spaces.

We’ve flown our FPV drones through the gates of the Tower of London and in close proximity to Dukes! All permissions are taken care of by us in-house, we provide risk assessments and method statements, and the safety of the public and talent is paramount for all operations.


One-take or ‘one shot’ FPV films have been on the rise in the last year or so. The concept has been around for a while and used for long sequences in films or even the whole movie, such as 1917 and traditionally shot on a Steadicam or gimbal. The idea is to give an immersive experience to the audience. Now that we have incredibly versatile & precise flying cameras that are safe when flying around talent due to being lightweight and having protected props, it’s never been easier!

Whether it’s a simple fly-through of a building to show the space or an elaborate sequence with talent, we’re always up for a challenge, love hearing ideas for one-shot films, and can guide/assist with all the planning leading up to the shoot day.


Dual control FPV opens up a whole new world of drone filming possibilities. With these setups, the pilot can manoeuvre the drone with precision, shooting small gaps at speed, something simply not possible with traditional drone systems such as the Inspire 2.

The most popular payloads on this set-up are the RED Komodo or Sony FX6; both have their benefits, so you can speak with the team if you’d like to find out more. We’re currently developing a low latency live-stream solution on a gimballed FPV system which will be tailored towards high-speed sports.

Whilst the pilot concentrates on the aircraft’s flight, the camera operator has complete 360° control of the gimbal and can lock on to the subject. Think low altitude, high-speed tracking, and dicing through trees at speed with rock-solid stabilisation!

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Over the last few years, we've been providing major property players and investment firms film assets to aide sales and lettings.
The films below have been fully produced in house using a mix of traditional drone filming, FPV fly through filming and ground gimbal/camera work.

The idea is to mimic brochures in an easy to digest format that can be quickly distributed with a link.

Check out a couple of examples below. You can see more on our commercial property page too.

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