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Providing high quality full frame drone photography services in areas of congestion such as central London.

When operating with the standard PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) a pilots aircraft is limited to the 0-7kg weight category in congested areas. When ensuring safety is maintained the weight reduction Is usually achieved by:

1 – Reducing battery capacity & size. This results in low flight times and provides little power reserves for emergencies.

2 – Reduce the number of motors. Removes the redundancy and additional thrust an aircraft has available.

3 – Reduce the frame size. This can cause the aircraft to become unstable during flight and exceptionally bottom heavy.

4 – Reduce the size and weight of the payload. Reducing camera size and sacrificing image quality.

Aerial photograph of the 02 Arena
London skyline in the evening drone photograph

DroneScope uses a customised hexacopter in which the heavy retractable landing gear has been removed to safely maintain a sub 7kg take off weight. This reduction in frame weight allows us to:

1 – Carry the same batteries whilst improving flight times.

2 – Carry a full frame Sony A7R – A7R III.

3 – Maintain a 6 rotor system with approximately 150gf of additional thrust per motor.

Operations can be conducted in congested areas within the 7-20kg weight category but these must be undertaken by an operator with a CAOSC (Congested Areas Operating Safety Case)

As the additional paperwork required to operate with a CAOSC is substantial, the costs for the service can be expensive when compared to operating with the standard PfCO. As suitable operating space can often be found, we aim to be capable of providing high quality photography without the CAOSC price tag. In scenarios in which we are unable to conduct our flights within the rules laid out in the PfCO, we would always recommend making use of CAOSC based operations.

Aerial photography of London Skyline

You can find out more about our drone photography services here. If you have a question for the team, send us a message.